Cloudsquare | What you need to know about Salesforce Health Cloud

What you need to know about Salesforce Health Cloud

Cloudsquare | What you need to know about Salesforce Health Cloud

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Overview of Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce can be implemented in any industry, but with Health Cloud it is becoming even easier for healthcare companies to reap the benefits of CRM technology. Health Cloud is specially designed for healthcare companies that are looking to provide a superior patient experience. Salesforce can not only help you acquire new patients for healthcare companies, but it helps companies engage and deliver 1-to-1 care for patients in need. Health Cloud’s goal is to help foster customer trust in their providers, transform relationships, and improve care by providing a single viewpoint of patients. This type of personalization is the service that every customer wishes for, especially when it comes to healthcare matters.

Features of Salesforce Health Cloud

What sets Health Cloud apart from the other helpful “Clouds” that Salesforce has to offer? With Health Cloud, companies can filter patients by risk levels and specific conditions so that they can reach targeted segments efficiently. Additionally, patients’ electronic health records (EHR) are able to be stored in Salesforce Health Cloud to ensure that healthcare companies have access to the data they need, when they need it. Since Salesforce is an extremely secure platform, patient data can be stored in Salesforce and integrated into helpful applications with confidence. Health Cloud’s real time communication features allow healthcare companies and patients to stay connected from anywhere, on any type of device so that they never lack assistance and care. With Health Cloud, healthcare companies will never miss a beat. Information will be accessible in a unified platform so no important detail is ever lost between healthcare companies, physicians, and patients alike.

Testimonies of Salesforce Health Cloud

Multiple healthcare companies have seen incredible outcomes as a result of implementing Health Cloud into their company’s operations. showcases some of the success stories other healthcare companies have experienced such as MissionPoint Health Partners who now calls the Salesforce platform “the backbone of their infrastructure”. This company is a nonprofit that provides services for chronic disease management, health coaching, health navigation, home visits and preventative health care at affordable costs, according to their testimonial. The work they do helps more than 90,000 members and Salesforce makes providing customer service all the more simple. Michael Gardner, the VP of Finance and Operations at MissionPoint reveals that they manage their provider network completely through Salesforce and it helps them to generate leads and create opportunities for business development. Gardner also makes a statement saying that “the fact that Salesforce helps connect hospitals, payers, and physician provider groups in what can typically be quite disjointed is a really big deal.” For MissionPoint, the Salesforce platform was able to bridge the gap between all different facets of the healthcare industry from the hospitals all the way to the patient.

Intuitive Surgical Leaders are an example of an innovative healthcare company that is using Salesforce technology to plan for growth and expansion. Their company invented one of the first ever robot-assisted surgical platforms. As they continue to rapidly grow, Intuitive Surgical Leaders needed a plan for not only managing sales, but planning where they will be within the next five years, they told At a certain point, companies outgrow using spreadsheets and multiple different platforms for all of their operations; they need a platform that is streamlined and holistic. Salesforce provides limitless ways to store data, analyze it, and real time sales insights. Christopher Hoster the Head of the Center of Excellence tells Salesforce, “we have been able to raise our productivity up to about 350 procedures per clinical sales rep per quarter, almost a 50% increase.” Salesforce gave this $2.4 billion business the resources to plan for even more growth and success in the healthcare industry.

Getting Started with Salesforce Health Cloud 

With the help of Cloudsquare, Salesforce consulting company in USA, your healthcare company can use Salesforce CRM technology to resolve your pain points, increase your employees productivity, and create a solid, trusting bond with each and every patient. To implement Health Cloud or other Salesforce solutions, contact Cloudsquare today to get started. We are a Los Angeles and New York based company with services nationwide.