Cloudsquare | Boost Your Merchant Cash Advance Business: Why Software Built on the Salesforce Platform is a Game-Changer  

Boost Your Merchant Cash Advance Business: Why Software Built on the Salesforce Platform is a Game-Changer  

Cloudsquare | Boost Your Merchant Cash Advance Business: Why Software Built on the Salesforce Platform is a Game-Changer  

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Have you ever heard the saying “time is money”?  In order to maximize your time, investing in the right software is essential. That’s why we often get asked how our Merchant Cash Advance CRM, Cloudsquare Broker, compares to other software in the industry. Or why they should switch from their current MCA software to one built on Salesforce. Well, in the Merchant Cash Advance world, having MCA software built on Salesforce, like Cloudsquare Broker, can make all the difference. So, we wanted to show you exactly how our secure and scalable CS Broker is, and why it is the superior choice for your business.  

In this blog post, we will discuss why having Merchant Cash Advance software built on Salesforce, like Cloudsquare Broker, is the competitive advantage you need to succeed long-term. We’ll explore the benefits of using Salesforce-based MCA software, compare its features, and we’ll show you how it can help you grow your business, improve your customer service, and stay ahead of the competition. So, buckle up, and let’s get started!  

About Cloudsquare Broker  

Cloudsquare | Boost Your Merchant Cash Advance Business: Why Software Built on the Salesforce Platform is a Game-Changer  

Cloudsquare Broker is a turn-key Merchant Cash Advance CRM specifically designed for MCA brokers and ISOs. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, CS Broker empowers you to manage the entire business process seamlessly, from new leads to deal renewal. And the best part? It is built on the powerful Salesforce platform, providing you with automated workflows, smart-filtering submission channels, Lender API integrations, and automated renewal forecasting to make the MCA process more intelligent. The system offers unparalleled scalability to accommodate any MCA business’s specific needs and can seamlessly integrate with third-party apps, connect to marketing platforms, and be customized with just a handful of clicks.   

Salesforce-based MCA Software VS Non-Salesforce Based Platforms  

To give you an idea of the differences between using an MCA CRM that is built on Salesforce, like CS Broker, versus one that is not, we’ll explain how they compare in features, scalability, customization, ease of use, cost, and security.  

1. Features  

Cloudsquare | Boost Your Merchant Cash Advance Business: Why Software Built on the Salesforce Platform is a Game-Changer  

CS Broker 

When it comes to features, CS Broker offers all the must-have features you need to hit the ground running and more, so you don’t have to waste time on extensive customization. With loan application features like leads and pipeline management, customized deal stages tailored to the MCA pipeline’s specific needs, lead flow automation, and submission channels, brokers can optimize their processes, ensure they are effectively managing their pipelines, and not missing any important details.  

Additionally, thanks to being built in Salesforce, CS Broker offers detailed reports and dashboards, so you can gain valuable insights into conversion rates, essential business metrics, and ROI, giving you the edge over the competition. This type of visibility and data-driven decision-making is essential for brokers looking to optimize their operations and scale their businesses. And is one of the main pain points brokers face with non-Salesforce based software. 

Moreover, CS Broker offers excellent document management features that allow all the merchant’s information and funding terms to be automatically updated and recorded in Salesforce, providing a more streamlined and efficient document management process. Finally, Cloudsquare Broker does not only offer features to track commissions like other software, but the platform also provides a more comprehensive and streamlined ‘Commissions Module’ in addition to Renewals features, which can help brokers track and monitor receivables and payables, identify merchants ready for renewal quickly and automate renewal forecasting.   

Other MCA CRMs 

Many Merchant Cash Advance solutions that are not built on Salesforce do offer similar features to help brokers start their journey, such as custom list building, advanced view and settings, and permission-based security. Some MCA systems even offer ‘Customer portals’ to help customers upload documents, see tasks, view notes, and more; Lender Submission channels to help brokers submit application packages to multiple lenders, or Lender Matchmaking solutions to make recommendations on which lenders to submit files to, and commission tracking features. 

However, these systems lack CS Broker’s extensive reporting capabilities, which are essential for every MCA business to get valuable insights into the overall health of the pipeline and metrics on what is working best for the company, and renewal forecasting features to help brokers plan and build their renewal pipeline, so they don’t miss on any commission opportunities. 

2. Integration with Other Systems   

CS Broker 

Flexibility is key, and CS Broker understands that. By using MCA software built on Salesforce, you can seamlessly build your existing business process with the Salesforce CRM.  

Not only that, with a merchant cash advance CRM like CS Broker, you can also seamlessly integrate with a vast array of third-party apps, leveraging the expansive Salesforce AppExchange marketplace. You can get access to cutting-edge SMS, e-signatures, Phone Centers, Dialer, and Email Marketing apps to extend the functionality of the MCA software and gain access to additional tools and services that can help you improve your business processes.  

Additionally, CS Broker has a new tool called API Lender Framework. This tool helps customers easily connect their software to lenders’ software by following Salesforce’s best practices architecture. It works with Cloudsquare Broker filter criteria and lets customers manage all lender submissions in one place. With this tool, customers can easily adjust how data is mapped between their software and the lenders’ software, which can be difficult without it.  

Other MCA CRMs 

Most other systems offer a handful of essential integrations built-in to their platform. Though built-in integrations can provide many benefits for brokers, they can also create many limitations and lack flexibility by restricting which products you can select from and not be able to use your preferred partner. Another potential downside is that you may not get the flexibility to customize or tailor the platform to fit your business needs, leaving you stuck with a system that looks pretty much like everyone else on that CRM platform.    

This lack of flexibility and customization options limits the functionality of the software, and it could lead to vendor lock-in, meaning the broker would be reliant on the software provider and partners for all of their lending needs, making it difficult to switch to a different provider if they are unhappy with the service. By making it difficult for the broker to use the apps that they prefer or are already familiar with, could lead to a potential decrease in productivity and an inability to scale or grow as new challenges and products become available. 

3. Scalability   

CS Broker 

One of the standout advantages of having an MCA CRM built on Salesforce, like Cloudsquare Broker, is its scalability, which allows MCA businesses to continually upgrade their systems. This means that because CS Broker was built on Salesforce, the platform is not hard-coded, and it can quickly and easily accommodate changes on demand, whether that means adding more users, increasing storage capacity, or expanding to new locations.  

Additionally, by tapping into new technologies as they come on the market, Cloudsquare Broker can adapt without needing an extensive overhaul or reboot or causing the system to slow down, which has been one of the key issues brokers have been facing with other MCA CRMs whenever there is an important update to the system.   

Moreover, another benefit of having a merchant cash advance CRM built on Salesforce is that Salesforce can automatically update the platform and its apps to the latest version, ensuring the software is always up to date with the latest security patches and bug fixes. And, because the platform is highly scalable, it can easily handle changes in demand and resource requirements, helping to prevent system slowdowns caused by increased resource demands during updates.  

Other MCA CRMs 

Some MCA CRMs provide a database architecture designed to handle large volumes of data and can be deployed on cloud infrastructure, providing you with elastic scalability so you can dynamically allocate computing resources based on demand. However, Non-Salesforce-based MCA software often struggles with scalability. These limitations in scalability can cause updates to lead to sluggish performance or even complete system breakdowns, leaving you frustrated and unable to operate at your full potential. 

4. Ease of Use   

CS Broker 

Cloudsquare Broker is a great tool for anyone who needs to use Salesforce. It’s easy to get started with, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money customizing it. You can quickly see important business metrics, ROI, and conversion rates with built-in reports and dashboards. We’ve put over a decade of experience and feedback from industry experts into making our interface user-friendly for everyone, from new hires to experienced brokers. Even with minimal training, you’ll be able to use our system with ease.  

Efficiency and organization are crucial to success, and that’s where Cloudsquare Broker comes in. Our system is customizable, efficient, and reliable, making it the best MCA software on the market. It will speed up your time to close, streamline communication, and keep all your data centralized and easy to access. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Cloudsquare Broker is the tool you need to stay on top of your game.  

Other MCA CRMs 

 Other MCA systems offer many features that can be useful. However, learning how to use them all can take a little more time, so the learning curve is steep. On top of that, these platforms regularly experience some issues during updates, which can cause system slowdowns and disruption in your business. These downtimes can be frustrating, especially for brokers who need to finish deals quickly, and it might even double the time it takes to complete a process.   

5. Customization  

CS Broker  

One of the advantages of having Merchant Cash Advance software, like CS Broker, built into Salesforce is getting access to the wide range of customization features that Salesforce offers. Salesforce is a highly customizable platform, meaning a broker can tailor their lending CRM to meet their specific needs and workflows, helping them improve their user experience and making it easier for brokers to manage their business activities.  

Cloudsquare Broker offers Brokers more out-of-the-box customization options than any other Merchant Cash Advance CRM. The software allows you to turn on and off just about any feature in the system with a handful of clicks. You don’t need complex APEX knowledge or coding classes to customize it yourself. You can also create your own global settings and customize the MCA software to your exact needs without paying a consultant for hundreds of hours of custom work.   

You can create custom lead and opportunity fields to capture specific data related to their business. They can use these fields to track important information about borrowers, such as credit score, financial history, and loan details, ensuring they are collecting the right data to make informed lending decisions.   

Other MCA CRMs 

Other MCA platforms do offer options to customize stages and statuses, build workflows that follow your business lifecycle, and are designed to be flexible and customizable. However, they may not meet all the specific needs of every lender. In some cases, lenders may need to invest in additional software or build custom integrations to meet their requirements.   

And as we mentioned before, many of these MCA platforms already have built-in email marketing systems, electronic signature, SMS marketing systems, and so on, which can help the broker, so they don’t have to juggle multiple software platforms at the same time. However, this is also counterproductive because that means they cannot choose the third-party apps they feel more comfortable with or the applications they’ve been using already; they’ll have to conform with the applications these MCA CRMs already have and adjust their business to the platform, not the other way around. 

6. Cost   

CS Broker  

Cloudsquare Broker offers a fixed pricing model of $75 USD/user/month, which is much more transparent than other Merchant Cash Advance software. This means that CS Broker’s users have a better understanding of the cost involved and can budget accordingly. Furthermore, because Cloudsquare Broker is built on Salesforce, users don’t have to invest in building a custom platform from scratch, which can be time-consuming and expensive, they can benefit from the existing infrastructure and ecosystem of Salesforce, and they can easily scale up or down as needed without significant changes to their costs.  

Other MCA CRMs 

On the other hand, many Merchant Cash Advance CRMs offer a quote-based enterprise pricing package, which can be costly depending on the type of business and the user’s specific needs, and it could be a barrier for smaller lenders or those on a tighter budget. Additionally, like any software, they also require ongoing maintenance and updates to keep it running smoothly and securely. This can be time-consuming and costly, particularly for smaller lenders who may not have dedicated IT staff.  

7. Security   

CS Broker  

Salesforce is a highly secure platform that adheres to industry-standard security protocols. As a platform built on Salesforce, Cloudsquare Broker inherits the advanced security measures of Salesforce, including advanced user authentication, data encryption, and continuous monitoring. Salesforce is a trusted and secure cloud computing platform certified by numerous global security standards, including ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and SOC 2 Type II. By using lending software built on Salesforce, brokers can be assured that their data is protected and secure.   

Salesforce has a strong focus on security and compliance, which can be particularly important for lending platforms that handle sensitive financial data. A lending platform built on Salesforce can benefit from these robust security and compliance features, which can help to mitigate risk and protect against data breaches.  

Other MCA CRMs 

Many Merchant Cash Advance platforms offer great security features, such as Lock-Sure, Multi-Layered Security, or they can create their own “Safe” seal that you can add to your website and marketing material, providing a visible assurance to your clients about the safety of their data. There are even Software companies that implement stringent security measures both at the software and hardware levels. Meaning that at the software level, their computing environment is designed to ensure high levels of security and resilience. Meanwhile, their infrastructure operates at the hardware level, featuring a cluster of powerful, privately caged Dell Web and database servers. 

Why You Should Select Cloudsquare Broker  

Closing a deal is all about speed, efficiency, and providing quality service. Brokers need to be able to respond to merchants and lenders quickly, have all the necessary details readily available, and keep everything bundled together in an organized, meaningful way.   

Even though non-Salesforce-based MCA platforms provide a comprehensive suite of tools for running a finance business, Cloudsquare Broker offers several advantages over them, particularly for MCA brokers and ISOs.  

  1. Cloudsquare Broker is specifically designed to meet the needs of MCA brokers and ISOs, which means that Cloudsquare Broker has built-in features and tools that are tailored to the MCA industry, including lead flow, automated workflows, smart-filtering submission channels, Lender API integrations, and automated renewal forecasting.  
  1. Cloudsquare Broker is built on the Salesforce platform, which is widely considered to be the leading edge in technology. This gives MCA brokers and ISOs access to a powerful, scalable platform that can be seamlessly integrated with third-party apps and connected to marketing platforms, ensuring that you can scale your operations without limitations. This makes it easier for MCA brokers to customize their software with a handful of clicks while also making it more flexible and scalable as their business grows.  
  1. Because CS Broker uses the Salesforce platform, it has several advantages in scalability, flexibility, ease of integration with other systems, customization, and higher security standards. It is a robust solution for those looking for cost-effective, reliable, and secure Merchant Cash Advanced Software.  
  1. Intuitive User Experience: Save time, reduce frustration, and boost productivity with Broker’s user-friendly interface. Streamlined processes, simplified deal management, and efficient communication tools make your MCA operations a joy to navigate. Empower your team to focus on what they do best – closing deals! 


We’ve explored the unmatched benefits of choosing CS Broker, a Merchant Cash Advance software built on Salesforce, over non-Salesforce-based alternatives. From its feature-rich capabilities to seamless integration options, scalability, customization, ease of use, and rock-solid security, Broker stands tall as the game-changer in the MCA industry. 

So, why settle for less when you can unlock the full potential of your MCA business with CS Broker? Embrace the power of Salesforce, revolutionize your operations, and leave your competitors in the dust. It’s time to level up and soar to new heights with CS Broker powering your business! 

Ready to Unlock the Full Potential of Your MCA business?